Lindsay - Function band singer


Mick - Function band keyboard player


Jim - Function band Bass player


John - Function Band Guitarist


Rob - Function band drummer



Dance all night to the ultimate party band!

The members of VIBE NATION are all very experienced professional musicians, each one the master of his, or her craft. Each individual member brings something special and unique to the band, and when they get together.... it sounds FANTASTIC!

Lets meet the individual members of the band:

Lindsay - Singer
Lindsay is a highly experienced singer with a massive amount of experience in top party bands. She’s sung all over the world in bands of different types. Lindsay is also a talented songwriter and has recorded two albums of her own work. She’s also appeared many times on radio and TV.

Being the only girl in the band it’s important for Lindsay to have the respect of the guys in the band, but she has no worries on that score.... they all think she’s a top bird!

Mick - Keyboards / Vocals
Mick has spent most of his adult life playing in function and wedding bands of different types. He’s played on ships, in theatres, hotels, piano bars and clubs all over the world. He’s also a sought after session musician and has vast experience as a solo pianist / singer.

Being the keyboard player also makes him the most boring member of the band.... tough job, but someone has to do it!

Jim - Bass Guitar / Vocals
An immensely talented bass player who has also travelled the world playing in some of the top party bands around. Jim played for a while in the house band at the world renowned ‘Top Rank Suite’ in Brighton. During his career as a session musician he has played on over thirty albums, covering virtually every music genre you can think of!

Despite this glittering career, he’s still a really down-to-earth guy; capable of taking any amount of stick the rest of the band dish out.... which is fortunate!

John - Guitar / Vocals
Guitarist John is the only band member never to have had a ‘proper’ job. He’s been a professional musician all his life having played, not only in top function/party bands but, in his youth, in a signed Rock act. He’s also toured the world in a hugely successful ‘tribute’ act, playing to audiences of up to twenty thousand adoring fans!

John is also a much respected record producer and owns his own recording studio in the Sussex countryside.... he’s an all round smart-ass really!

Rob - Drums
Despite his youth, Rob is a seasoned and highly talented professional musician. In addition to being a great drummer he is also a successful businessman, being the co-owner and Managing Director of the Sussex Academy of Music (SAM). Like The other members of the band he’s played world wide in a number of top Party bands.

Rob is well liked by his band-mates.... mainly because he’s the youngest, and they can boss him about!