Rob - Function band drummer

Here are the answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked

What type of events is VIBE NATION suitable for?
VIBE Nation are a lively and energetic party band, and are suitable for any event where people like to let their hair down and have a good time such as; Weddings and civil ceremonies, private parties, corporate parties, functions and events, etc.

How do I book Vibe Nation?
That’s easy! Simply give us a call or send us an email. Details are on the Contact page.

We will discuss your requirements and quote you a price. If you decide to go ahead with the booking, we’ll send you a confirmation letter, which we’ll get you to countersign, and that’s it! We don’t even need a deposit. All we ask is that you pay us in full on the day of the event or, if it’s easier for you, during the preceding week. What could be simpler?

Who’s in the band?
We are a 5-piece band made up of one girl and four guys. Details of the band can be found on the About page.

Unlike some bands, we don’t offer any variations on the band line-up, we are always a 5-piece, and it’s always the same band members. The only exception to this would be if one of the members were incapacitated through serious illness, in which case we would bring in a fully rehearsed replacement.... but it’s never happened yet!

How long do you play for?
We usually play 2 x 1 hour spots, which we find to be the optimum timing for a good night, but we are flexible, so if you have other requirements that’s obviously fine.

What happens when you are not on stage?
Usually we keep the atmosphere going with pre-recorded music for dancing, but we can also supply a DJ if you’d prefer. During dinner we can supply pre-recorded background music, or perhaps some tasteful live music?

How long does it take to set up your equipment?
Usually we like to allow two hours to install and sound check our equipment. If possible we always like to set up prior to the arrival of the guests and we are happy to arrive at the venue early in the day to achieve this.

Do you have any particular requirements?
Not too many really. Since we use electrical equipment, we need a mains supply somewhere near the playing area (say within 50 metres or so!)

An ideal playing area would be 6 metres wide by 4 metres deep, but we’ve squeezed into some pretty small areas in the past! That’s about it really.... some sort of private room to get changed in is always nice, but that’s about all.

Can we see you play before booking?
Mostly we play at private functions but occasionally we arrange public performances so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to come and see us, if it’s important to you. We do of course have a demo CD which we’d be happy to send to you free of charge. The same tracks can be heard by visiting the Listen page.

How far will you travel?
Absolutely anywhere!